Home made masks with left over fabrics. Made from 100% cotton-washable-reusable-no waste.

This is not medical masks.


Download this PDF to make your own mask.

Notice: this is not a medical mask.

Step by step instruction to make your own face mask:

To make your own face mask you need:

-sewing machine or needle


-pins to fix fabric together


-hot iron

-Download pattern, print in on A4 paper.

-Take woven or jersey fabric (best cotton).

-Cut out 4 times face mask shape.

-Cut 2x 15 cm elastic tape or cut out 2x 15 cm single jersey (3 cm width) to make tape

-Sewn shaped part for face mask. 

-2x for outer and inner layer

-Place elastic tape as on picture

-Fix elastic tape 1 cm from top and bottom edge. 

-Fix both layer with pins (right side inside). elastic tapes are hidden. 

-Sew around the mask. and leave on the side 3 cm open

-Turn face mask through the left out hole.

-Do not close the opening. Only sew edges  for a clean finish.

-Now you can place an extra filter inside of your face mask.

-Iron the mask.

-Wear it ;)